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Debut Album "Bottle of Sunshine" Available Now

Following their initial release of The Window Panes' debut album, "Bottle of Sunshine" in October 2015, The Window Panes have continued sharing their music with a wider audience. The album offers a collection of all original material that has been featured throughout The Window Panes' performances since their beginning in 2011. The majority of the songs included in this album were written and arranged by members of The Window Panes, past and present.

The music contained in "Bottle of Sunshine" is a reflection of personal experiences, inspiration, and expression. There's a story behind every song on this album. The musical influences of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia Band, Bob Dylan, folk, country, bluegrass, and rock are easily identifiable within this collection.

The album is available as a compact disc and can be picked up during performances; or, by contacting the band directly through email at:


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