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The Window Panes Launch New Website

After nearly five years of performing around the VA, WV, MD, PA, and DC region, The Window Panes are excited to launch their updated website.

The band has entertained audiences and festival crowds by providing their acoustic rock interpretations of The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, The Band and many others, while introducing several of their own original compositions. Along with personnel changes over the years, the band has steadily evolved into a dynamically creative group of inspired and uniquely talented musicians.

Rather than be labeled as "just another 'Dead cover band'," The Window Panes continue to strive for originality by blending their personal tastes, influences, inspirations, experiences, and musical nuances into each song they perform, whether they be a reflection of a classic tune or an original song penned by one of the band members.

If you haven't seen or heard The Window Panes in a while, it's time you check them out. If you've never seen them before, you're in for a treat. Check their schedule often and let your favorite weekend hangout know you want to see The Window Panes perform there.

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