The Window Panes are Now Booking for 2016

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable acoustic rock band for your festival, restaurant, nightclub, or private party, look no further. The Window Panes have performed at a variety of venues in the VA, WV, MD, PA, and DC region and are experienced with performing on large stages at a festival, as well as, small intimate settings in a coffee shop. The band has performed privately for weddings, and on rare occasion, has considered noteworthy charitable causes for the preservation of the environment.

The style of music performed by The Window Panes doesn't necessarily fit within one specific genre; but, perhaps a fusion of several: funk, blues, country, jazz, psychadelic, and rock. Although, the band enjoys covering classics from the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, The Band, and others, they have developed quite a repetoire of their own original music.

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