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Window Panes


Featured Tracks :
Better Way - Lyrics and Arr. by C. White
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Bottle Of Sunshine - D. Porter / E. Deihl
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Broken Window Panes - Lyrics V. Diem; Arr. Window Panes
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Friendly PyramidKeller Williams (c1994)
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Latest News

Side Project:
Porter & Hokkanen
Live Recording
True - Porter & Hokkanen
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Mandolinist Niles Hokkanen and Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist David Porter have established an acoustic duo project that is reminiscent of earlier stylings of Ri Cooder, Fairport Convention, and Grisman & Garcia, while continuing to explore new territory of original music.  Be sure to visit their page and listen to more of their original music.  Don't forget to check the APPEARANCES page to see when and where you can see PORTER & HOKKANEN live!

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